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The Paranormal Diaries: Clophill



The Paranormal Diaries: Clophill is a 2013 British horror film directed by Michael Bartlett (Treehouse) and Kevin Gates (The Zombie Diaries; Zombie Diaries 2) from a screenplay by the latter. It stars Mark AndrewsMichael BartlettCriselda Cabitac.

Plot synopsis:

In March 1963, a black mass was held at The Church of St Mary The Virgin, a ruined church in Clophill, Bedfordshire by a coven of dark witches. Tombs were looted, animals sacrificed and human bones arranged during a macabre ceremony. Further defilements continued at Clophill in the following years, with cattle in nearby fields found mutilated, evidence of necromancy discovered and perpetual sightings of paranormal activity witnessed at the isolated ruin. 50 years on from the original incident, the Clophill legend remains etched on the psyches of the local populace.


In 2010, a documentary team was assembled to investigate the legend of the Clophill witches and to try and uncover the truth behind the paranormal events. What followed during that long weekend was a terrifying journey into the unknown…

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” … a movie that’s definitely not for everyone – it’s for those of you out there with a genuine curiosity of the paranormal and the supernatural, and it’s also for those who can appreciate a good ghost story with deeply laid roots in reality. Suffice it to say that all of the participants in this project – including Gates and Bartlett – got more than they bargained for. A lot more. If looking for truly spine-tingling shivers is something that’s on your agenda, then this is without question your hot ticket!” Steve Barton, Dread Central

“It’s fair to say, however, that despite my losing patience during the second half, I enjoyed Clophill and it proved remarkably effective when seen late at night, alone in an empty house. There is a lot of low-budget ingenuity on show here from the use of night-vision – which naturally makes everyone look like a demon – to Pete Renton’s low-key and ominously rumbling music track. Indeed, the sound design of the film is immensely important and I strongly recommend that you watch the film on high volume.” Mike Sutton, The Digital Fix

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Clophill takes the bare bones of the now-exhausted found footage genre and gives it a desperately needed new lease of life by crafting a movie which is part-genuine documentary, part horror fiction. The real thrill for the viewer is that Clophill is put together with such inventiveness that it blurs the line between what’s real and what’s imaginary and it’s hard to tell where the documentary ends and where the fiction starts.” Paul Mount, Starbust Magazine

“There’s something slightly Blair Witch about The Paranormal Diaries: Clophill, but without the excessive snot and unfortunately the tension, acting skills or audience engagement. The film screams originality; however it is a real shame that it is executed in such a terrible way. We were expecting a lot more.” Faye Ducker, Bring the Noise

Paranormal Diaries Cophill

” … major credit should be given to the directors for taking a gamble on mixing fact with fiction. It could have backfired spectacularly, but it didn’t and because of that ambition we have an eerie, atmospheric movie that hopefully will be the first of many Paranormal Diaries.” Dave Wain, UK Horror Scene

“While PD:C may alienate a portion of the modern horror audience that has grown used to jump scares and gore the more discerning fan is likely to appreciate its attempts to do something different, shunning the predictability that this sort of film usually emits in great, stinking waves. One of the freshest and most enjoyable entries into the found footage genre we have seen in years, and one of the stand out horror films to come out of Britain in many years.” Ryan Tandy, Zombie Hamster

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